Fun fact: I intentionally avoid using words like “crew,” “squad,” and “gang” to describe friend groups. I feel that weaved into each of them are connotations of exclusivity and social elitism, much like the time-tested and further stigmatized word, “clique.” 

Recognizing lots of reoccurring names and faces on Cath in College?

Trying to jump into the CiC community but struggling with your unfortunate n00bism?

Never a fear. To get you into the jam as quickly as possible, here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty cheat-sheet for learning the names, faces, and personalities of some of the most common CiC characters. After all, though my name is in its title, this blog gets its life from the many people featured within it.

Here are some of the people you’ll probably see around, in the order of who I’d save first in a zoonotic apocalypse! (Jk it’s alphabetical)


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.10.02 PMAllan

Hometown: Minnesota. The whole state.

Major: Biology

Description: Allan is a Biology major on the pre-med track, co-captain of the Men’s Ultimate frisbee team, and the big brother to three awesome little siblings. He also has zero percent body fat. Last year, Allan lived on the row in Sigma Nu where he let me come eat lunch most days of the week, and this upcoming school year he will be staffing as an RA in Roble. Allan is known for his eclectic slang vocabulary, which includes words like “bop” and “biddie,” though he now claims he’s moving away from singular words and towards catchphrases like “there are worse tragedies” and “you win some, you lose some.”

Known by CiC fans as: “F*cking savage.”

BenjiScreen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.20.11 PM

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: Earth Systems Engineering with an Urban focus

Description: Benji is the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, man-bunned beauty from the Bible belt. (Gold star for alliteration, thx.) He has a tattoo of the Tennessee state flag on his right shoulder blade, speaks Japanese proficiently, and is rarely ever wearing more than a pair of boxers and crocs. (I swear I’m not making any of this up.) He likes cuddling, hanging out with his awesome friends from home, and giving Thomas sh*t for not going to the gym with him. Benji was roommates with Thomas for the majority of sophomore year, except for spring quarter, when Thomas was abroad in Madrid and Benji was all alone. (*sheds a single tear*)

Known by CiC fans as: “Literally so adorable and has the cutest lil smile,” and the guy kissing Cath in all her Instagram pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.16.49 PMCalli

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: Management Science and Engineering

Description: Calli is everyone’s girl crush– and for good reason! She’s a tall, athletic, quick-witted, laid-back, self-assured badass. Calli is on the Stanford Women’s Golf team and helped them win the national championship her freshman year. Calli’s eating habits have been detailed by the likes of Golfweek and CiC readers like you. Calli lived with Cath, Shannon, and Slim in the Octopussy suite sophomore year, and will be living with Shannon in a (sh*tty) one-room double next year. Sorry, guys. “You win some, you lose some.” – Allan.

Known by CiC fans as: “Super chill. The type of girl who would be down for anything, from going to a party to watching the entire Harry Potter marathon.”

Cath (That’s me!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.17.56 PMName: Catherine Goetze, written as Götze when I feel like it

Hometown: Barrington, IL

Major: Science, Technology, and Society with a focus in Media and Communication

Description: The creator and owner of Cath in College, holla. I lived with Calli, Shannon, and Slim on West campus this past school year, and freshman year I lived with Allan, Benji, Conner, Chris, Raj, Michelle, Thomas, and Shannon in our freshman dorm, Larkin. Next year I’ll be staffing as an RA in an all-frosh dorm called Cedro. On campus, I’m involved in student government and Stanford Women in Business. I’m passionate about keeping it real on social media, studying things that make you say “WHOA”, and eating right/exercising for all the right reasons. Click here for a run-down on why I do this blog thing.

Known by CiC fans as: “Friendly and motivated. Kinda like a butterfly,” and “the Beyonce of the college world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.23.00 PMChris

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: Mathematical and Computational Science

Description: Known for his proclivity to flail his limbs when the beat drops, Chris likes to spend his time reading New York Times articles and listening to very loud music on his very big speakers. (Sometimes simultaneously.) Chris lived in Larkin along with most of us freshman year, and was roommates with Conner this past year. Chris is a tour guide at the Stanford Visitors Center, and if you’re coming to visit Stanford you should definitely call in advance and find out when he’s touring just so you can meet him. (I don’t know if you can do that but it’s worth a shot, I guess.)

Known by CiC fans as: “A goofy, intelligent guy,” “Chill + smart,” and possessing an “aura of nerdy cool.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.25.26 PMConner

Hometown: Sugarland, TX

Major: Computer Science

Description: Conner–WITH AN ‘E’–is a native Texan, but has worked and lived for the past two summers in Tokyo, Japan and New York, New York. He likes breakfast tacos, YouTube videos, and growing out his hair. Conner is a CS 106 TA and is involved in Kids with Dreams, a student group that orchestrates extracurricular activities for local children with disabilities. Again, that’s ConnEr. With an ‘e’.

Known by CiC fans as: “Inexplicably cute and smart.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.30.58 PM(Party) Michelle

Hometown: Waco, TX

Major: Economics

Description: Known by the masses as “Party Michelle”, Lil Mama Mich is the all-hailed queen of any celebratory gathering. She may be petite, but her liver can probably handle twice as much as the rest of us combined. On campus, she takes the cake for the most ironic leadership position as Risk Management Chair for her sorority, Alpha Phi. Gotta love it.

Known by CiC fans as: “The girl who parties a lot and acts all silly but is ‘actually’ pretty smart.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.39.50 PMRaj

Hometown: The D

Major: Mathematics

Description: Also known as Dirty Acid Prince Raj, Raj has been dubbed the quiet sexy one of the CiC cast. Many are (rightfully) attracted to his introverted demeanor contrasted against his inclination to party quite hard— That, and of course his devilishly handsome looks. Raj is the only person to ever have a post written purely about him on Cath in College for the SAKE of having a post written purely about him. You can read it HERE.

Known by CiC fans as: “Quieter than the others but only because he values his words and chooses them wisely, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t gregarious with his friends, especially once you get to know him. He also seems loyal, hardworking and a lot of fun. Also, he is under appreciated.” #directquote

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.34.12 PMShannon (Tito)

Hometown: ???

Major: Science, Technology and Society

Description: By far the best traveled of the bunch, Shannon has lived in every corner of the world, including France, Switzerland, South Africa, Indonesia, and some random islands in the Pacific ocean nobody’s ever heard of. (Hence the absence of a “hometown.”) As a result of her worldly upbringing, Shannon speaks French and German fluently in addition to English. She is a member of the French national women’s golf team, and along with Calli, is also a member of the Stanford Women’s golf team. Shannon was my OG college roomie– we shared a small one-room double in Larkin our freshman year 🙂

Known by CiC fans as: “Super sassy and I love it” and “most likely to be ID’d when she’s 30.” Probably.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.41.41 PMSlim

Hometown: Minnesota. The whole state, just like Allan.

Major: Urban Studies (and a History minor!)

Description: You can call her Slim, you can call her Sungmoon, just don’t FOR ANY REASON call her Slippers. Well-traveled by choice as opposed to circumstance, Slim has traveled the expanses of the globe in her own right, spontaneously swooping up cheap plane tickets when she can and sometimes bringing me along with her. Slim enjoys taking beautiful photographs (Instagram) and watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies. She lived in the Octopussy suite for the majority of sophomore year until she moved to Florence, Italy to study abroad spring quarter. Slim will also be studying “abroad” in New York as a junior.

Known by CiC fans as: “Thick.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.39.22 PMThomas

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA, AKA “The hood”

Major: Computer Science

Description: A lover of all the most generic, sh*ttiest pop music, Thomas kicked off his Stanford career in a 2 quarter-long wager in which he had to call Benji “Big Poppa,” lest he were willing to face the dire consequence of a mean, one-foot slap across the face, served up by young Benjamin himself. This anecdote isn’t super relevant to conveying Thomas’s personality, I just think it’s funny. Thomas was the honorary 3rd roommate in Benji and Allan’s room our freshman year, and lived with Benji for the majority of sophomore year until he decided to DITCH US and go party study abroad in Madrid.

Known by CiC fans as: “Like a taller, darker haired, more masculine Justin Bieber.”

And now last, but certainly not least… YOU!

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