UPDATE: Thanks to an overwhelming influx of applicants, the application for the Brand Strategy Intern position is now closed. Please keep in touch for future opportunities! -Cath

Cath in College is hiring!

If you are a college student, high school junior, or high school senior interested in learning about digital brand development and brand strategy, then submit your application for the Branding Strategy Intern position at Cath in College for the Summer of 2017. This fast-paced, thought-provoking 5-week internship is going to push you and and expose you to the inner workings of an incredibly fast-growing international grassroots entertainment & enlightenment brand. Dear Readers and Dear Viewers are especially encouraged to apply! 😉

Notes: New York location is encouraged but not required. This internship is monetarily unpaid but as someone who has worked multiple internships, I know what makes an internship awesome (and not) and can guarantee that this will be worthwhile experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


(Application closed)

More details, responsibilities, and requirements:


In this role, you will get hands-on experience with the growing international brand, Cath in College. Cath in College reaches thousands of high school and college students all over the world, from the United States to Europe to Asia to Latin America to the Middle East. You will help grow the Cath in College brand, sculpt the “Dear Reader” and “Dear Viewer” experience, expand the CiC community, and work closely with the founder and owner of Cath in College, receiving one-on-one guidance and mentoring throughout the internship. You will have the opportunity to strategize, come up with new ideas, and make suggestions with the potential to shape the CiC overall brand.


  • Analyzing Google and YouTube analytics, developing creative and non-intuitive insights about the CiC community
  • Pitch strategic partnerships with products and services that align with the CiC mission
  • Help hone in on the CiC vision and mission and strategize new ways to make them present and clear in the CiC experience
  • Conduct market research about other college filmmakers, YouTubers, and influencers. Analyze competitive landscape and work with founder to brainstorm positioning strategy.

Qualified Applicants:

  • Are interested in learning about brand strategy and brand planning.
  • Want hands-on experience and are excited by the idea of jumping right in.
  • Are not afraid to ask lots and lots of questions.
  • Have read and watched Cath in College before and like CiC content.
  • Have excellent writing skills
  • Think critically
  • Can generate an evidence-backed argument
  • BONUS: Have entrepreneurial experience, have taken a leadership role in a club or organization, has created something from nothing before.

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