Do you really go by Cath?

Yes! I also go by Catherine. You can call me whichever you’d like.

What is “DR” and why do you say it so much?

I refer to all of my readers, viewers, followers, etc. as Dear Reader, or “DR” for short. ❤

How did you get into Stanford?

I worked really, really hard to earn my spot in the Stanford class of 2018. I got good grades in high school, always made school the priority over everything else, and got very involved in extracurriculars outside of the classroom. 

Why did you choose to go to Stanford?

Stanford brings together the best of so many worlds; I would argue that it is an institution with the academic prestige of any other Ivy League university, the cutting-edge ingenuity of the valley, the sports culture of a state school*, the laid-back vibes of California, and the weather of sheer paradise. How could I go anywhere else?

*We have tailgates.

How tall are you?

5’10”. (Why does this come up so much?)

What’s your major?

Science, Technology, and Society with a focus in Media and Communication.

Will you share your test scores, GPA, essays, college app, blah blah blah?

Ehhhh no. Sorry.

Will you take a look at my essays?

Mmmm no. However, it’s a great idea to get as many pairs of eyes on your essays as possible. I recommend running them by teachers, counselors, older siblings, (intelligent) friends, and parents.

Here are my stats. [Insert laundry list of extracurriculars and test scores here.] Do you think I’ll get into Stanford?

Aa;ksdjf– I know very little about what actually goes into the college admissions process. I won’t look at your stats (test scores, GPA, ECs, resumes, essays, etc.) because I wouldn’t be able to make a meaningful prediction in the first place. (For more, CLICK HERE for the popular CiC post: “Don’t Ask Me if You’re Going to Get Into Stanford.”)

Why haven’t you answered my question on yet?

I get lots of questions every day through the Cath in College I really like to put thought into each of the responses that I post, so I typically only respond to a few per day. If you have an urgent inquiry, I’d suggest sending me an email or a tweet!

Omg please please please make more videos!

I love to make videos and write articles for Cath in College. However, I am a student first and foremost. But believe me, as soon as I’m done studying/doing homework/going to meetings on any given day, CiC is the go-to! 🙂

Your taste in music is fire. Do you have a playlist I can listen to?

Well a-thank-a-you 😉 Check out my soundcloud!

How old are you?

20! I’m not a teenager anymore..?!?! HuHH?!?!

What is your ethnicity?

I am half Filipino, half white American.

Will you use my music in your videos?

I’m always looking for new music to include in my videos. Send anything you think I’d like to the blog email cathincollege [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Do you accept sponsored posts?

I only endorse companies/products/services that I personally believe in. If you think your blog, channel, or business aligns with the mission of Cath in College, feel free to shoot me an email at cathincollege [at] gmail [dot] com. 

How can I get in touch with you?

Send me an email at cathincollege [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet me @CatherineGoetze! Or, if you want to reach out anonymously, you can send me a message at (Be warned, however, because of how many questions I receive per day, my capacity for answering messages is rather low. If you want a guaranteed response, you’re better off doing email or Twitter!)

I’m coming to visit Stanford. Can we meet up?

I love love love meeting readers. Shoot me an email (see above) and we can try to set something up!

Can I send you stuff in the mail?

Only if you want me to collapse of sheer happiness on the post office floor.

NOTE ABOUT SUMMER MAIL: I don’t live on campus during the summer! The post office will RETURN any mail that doesn’t get picked up from my PO Box after 2 weeks. Therefore, I highly recommend that you wait to send any mail until at least September 20, 2017. 🙂