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My name is Catherine Götze, and I am the proud owner of this here blog-thing.  I’m a full-time Stanford student, a daughter, an Ate (big sister), a friend, and I spend my time thinking big thoughts, dancing on tables, dreaming about the future, and of course, writing and creating videos for CiC.

Cath in College is a little corner of the internet where I get to share what the world looks like from my perspective and the perspectives of others, though reflections, life updates, and hella POV video.

This is a photo of me standing on a balcony in Switzerland. Click here to read about my friends’ and my genius idea to go skinny dipping in the Rhine River (background) later that day.


There are 7 billion people on this earth. That means there are 7 billion completely different human experiences occurring all over the world right NOW.

That blows my mind.

I fundamentally believe that every single person’s view of this complicated, messy, beautiful world ought to be shared. One day I’ll build something that does just that, but until then, I strive to share my own perspective (My Life) as well as the Alternative Perspectives (Not Cath) of those around me right here on my blog. It is my goal to inspire others to share their perspectives on the lovely chaos of life with this blog. In an ideal world, we’d all have our own CiC.

The CiC Community

The CiC Stanford Hangout in July 2016! Click here to see them bring me to tears with their love and support.

The CiC community is by far the best part of Cath in College. This blog is just as much about you, the reader, as it is about me. That’s why I’m always eager to hear what you have to say, whether in the comments, over email, on social media, or in real life.

I call all my readers, “Dear Reader,” or “DR” for short. DRs from all over the world contributed their New Years “Un-Resolutions” for this post, answered a list of me and my friends’ questions in “The Crystal Blog“, and even brought us chicken tenders in a time of need.

The DRs know all of my friends’ names, they know our personalities and they even have their “CiC crushes.” (#TeamBenji, #TeamConner, #TeamChris, etc.) You can read about all the lovely characters that make up the CiC cast on the Stanfriends page. As the owner of Cath in College, I have the great joy and pleasure of getting to know all my DRs, too. Together, we share stories, send each other snail mail, ask and answer questions, and get to know each other better one post at a time.

My Philosophy on Social Media and The “Art” of Online Perfection

I’m not here to make my life look perfect. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Though every person’s perspective of the world may be totally and completely unique, I believe that there are common threads that unite us all together and construct our humanity: Love, heartbreak, pain, friendship… I would not be able to cultivate the open, honest, and trusting relationship I have with my readers if I attempted to obscure the negatives and over-emphasize the positives in my life. So I do my best to keep it real, one hundred percent of the time.

These beautiful people

Christmas 2016 card :)
Christmas 2016 card 🙂

If you’re new to CiC, it probably won’t take long for you to notice that there are a lot of reoccurring faces on the blog. These lovely people are my family and my friends here on The Farm, whom you can read about on the “Stanfriends” page. While Cath in College is technically about the world from my perspective, my I couldn’t accurately portray my days without featuring the intelligent, diverse, and crazy people in it. Luckily for me, they’re all fully supportive of my blogging and “vlogging” endeavors and have given me permission to film our stupid college shenanigans.

So What do I Do?

I write and I make videos. I write about college life, amazing people, serious stuff and not-so-serious stuff. I have written checklists for college move-in day, and about what it was like to find out just how the hell I got into Stanford. I have written about studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany, and my journey to find out whether a tiger or a gorilla would win in a fight. (Spoiler alert: The journey involves making more than one professor rather angry.)

I also make videos, like “A Day in the Life of a Stanford Student,” told through a 414-second long snap story, an 8-minute glimpse into Stanford life called “My Freshman Spring Quarter at Stanford” (below), a recounting of the time I made fake press passes just to get to talk to Corey Crawford in “How I Got Into Stanford,” and of course, “Silly Answers,” in which my friends and I get drunk silly and answer all your burning questions.

Finally, I answer my readers’ questions about Stanny, life, and everything in between. DRs can submit anonymous inquiries via the blog ask.fm page at ask.fm/cathincollege. Questions that have been answered in the past include “Why did you decide to go to Stanford?”, “How old were you when you got your first kiss?”, and “How do you keep going when you feel like you’re not good enough?”


Haha! I have testimonials! How great is that?

Catherine Goetze, ’18, has one-upped the engrossing experience [of reading someone else’s diary] with her video log and blog combo, Cath in College, a favorite among aspiring Stanford admits across the country. – “Welcome to my Life” – Stanford Magazine

When Catherine Goetze started her personal blog Cath in College, she could never have imagined it would become a site that spoke to thousands of Stanford students. What began as a private blog now has a huge online following — and high schoolers watch her for advice on applying to the college.  – “Meet Cath in College: Stanford’s Top Blogger– The Tab 

Her writing is always personal, relatable, and immediate – she does not wish to convey herself as the ideal representation of a Stanford student, but as someone real… She truly loves [Stanford], calling it her “first home” and in our internet culture of criticism and scrutiny, it is refreshing hear about someone who is pleased with her life. – “Cath in College– PULSE Magazine

When [other] YouTubers concentrate on clickbait more than authenticity, Catherine Goetze inspires me. – Katherout, YouTuber

What really strikes me about Catherine is the sense of honesty she conveys through her videos and blog posts. I aspire to write with the same raw conviction she does whether it’s sharing the struggle of finding a major or the joys of experiencing four years of school with incredible like-minded people. There’s never a moment where I doubt the authenticity of what she’s doing. – The Karla Kollective

Her transparency, her vernacular and confidence [is] just so infectious to her viewers, Dear Readers and everyone else who visits her social media. Vivian, Busy with Biochem

Now, it’s your turn.

Like I said, the CiC Community is what makes Cath in College, Cath in College. Your participation in Q&As, comments, snail mail, and crystal blogs propels this blog forward and gives it the lifeblood it needs to keep on living. Lucky for you, joining in is fast, simple, rewarding, and FUN af.

First, click the poop below to become a Dear Reader. Feel free to also follow me on other forms of social media if you vibe with that. And second, and this is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Jump in on the conversation. Send me snapchats, shoot me emails, ask me questions, and keep your eyes and ears open for news about the next CiC hangout. There’s nothing I love more than getting in touch with my readers, wherever you are in this beautiful, messy world of ours. Tell me your story– your perspective. After all, that’s what Cath in College is all about.

Join the community:


Click the poop to join the club! It’s a ton of fun…

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  1. Hey Catherine!! Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m glad you’re reading along. My gap year comes to an end on June 15, and from that point on I’ll be at home in good ol’ sunny California working and saving up for the next grand adventure. I love the beautiful layout of your blog and the goofy tone you write in! Keep on keeping on 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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