A few weeks ago, we asked you, the members of the CiC community, to show us your diverse worlds and perspectives through video submissions. Of the many submissions, we chose four to feature in A Day in Your Life. The second video of this series features Emma and Phoebe, two DRs currently living on opposite sides of the globe but sharing an optimism for taking advantage of living in the moment and memories shared with friends. Meet them below, and experience their lives in the final installment of A Day in Your Life.




Emma – Age 17

Home: Connecticut

image1.JPGHi! I’m Emma Rich and I’m 17 years old. I live in CT, attend a Jewish day school in NY, and will be at Washington University in St. Louis next fall (GO BEARS!). Instead of spending our last semester of high school in regular classes, my school takes the seniors on a two month adventure through Poland and Israel! My day to day schedule completely fluctuates depending on our touring schedule. We could be doing anything from touring holy sites, to water sports, to scaling mountains, to volunteering, to sleeping in the desert for a week! Although we aren’t technically in school any longer, we still have to endure the stresses of college, gap years, and parents from halfway across the world. This trip has really shown me that, as young adults, it’s super important to take time for fun and adventure and pushing one’s limits before it’s time to really get down to work in college. Taking advantage of this time is crucial – so go out with your friends and make some memories!!

Phoebe – Age 19

Home: Berkeley, California

IMG_2284What up, world! My name’s Phoebe Yin, and I’m a 19-year-old living life here at UC Berkeley. My days currently consist of undergraduate engineering and business classes, long campus walks in soft-soled shoes, and labs with wonderfully British-accented TAs. Sprinkled throughout the days are also mood-boosting cardio dances, lunches with a best friend I’ve known since elementary school (shoutout @Cindy), plus random squats with roommates, and spontaneous video-making (youtube me, *throws in a subtle wink* ). I’m a big believer in overestimating people rather than underestimating, watching great films, keeping old friendships alive while having the time to create new ones too, and making the most of each minute. Super hyped to be one of the four chosen to rep our perspectives, and I hope you’ll enjoy mine!


“A Day in Your Life” was inspired by the vibrant and diverse members of the Cath in College community. The project was created by CiC Intern, Claire Fridkin, who is currently a freshman at Harvard. Claire was once a DR herself, and participated in the “Dear Reader Diaries” last summer. You can check out her writing here!

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