Hello there, Dear Reader. 

As I wade through the rushing waters of my senior year at Stanford, I can’t help but reflect. What started out as my tiny corner of the big bad ~blogosphere~ has become Cath in College, a lifestyle video blog with a vibrant community of over 24,000 young and bright Dear Readers and Dear Viewers. With each adventure on The Farm, I hope to encourage a love of learning, the confidence to speak out, and the opportunity to share your perspective. I like to say that people come here for ‘Stanford’ but stay for everything else. And I truly believe that. Now as Cath in College comes to a close, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everything this community has given me. And now, it’s time to give back.

I present to you…

The Cath in College Scholarship

This spring, my team and I will be awarding a monetary scholarship to one lucky high school junior, high school senior or college undergraduate student to put towards tuition, textbooks, and/or housing.

Right now, my team and I are in the fundraising stage, and we are asking for your help. Simply donate as much as you can by using the official Cath in College Scholarship GoFundMe page. Every $10 and $5 donation counts! If you don’t have the means to donate, share this page on your social media accounts (and be sure to tag Cath in College and Catherine Goetze!) Every dollar counts, and this is an opportunity for you to help me help someone go to college!

DONATE NOW: (click)!

Thank you for being a member of this incredible community and for supporting me through everything. You all mean the world to me and I cannot express in words how excited I am to have the opportunity to make a genuine impact on one of your lives through this scholarship. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and my team at business@cathincollege.com.


Cath & CiC Intern Anushka

If you are a DR/DV and a current/aspiring college student, you can apply for this scholarship in the spring! Follow Cath in College on Instagram (@cathincollege), YouTube, and right here on the blog.


Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze www.cathincollege.com Find me on social media! Facebook: www.facebook.com/cathincollege Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me: cathincollege@gmail.com

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