Hello loyal and dear reader! I come to you from one of the many humble abodes of The Stanford Row, where upperclass students trot gleefully in the sunshine on a mere daily basis. They whiz down Mayfield Ave on boards and bikes, the winds of freedom whipping up the curls of their hair and flattening out the drawer-pressed wrinkles of their Red Zone tees. They pass around “Hey, hey!”s and “How was your summer?”s like slices of vanilla birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles. Hm… I suppose that’s “we,” now.

This is the first time we–that’s you and I–meet as seniors! Here I stand three full years after I stepped into a college dorm for the first time, at the cusp of a journey I could only have dreamt of. Now, my red freshman orientation lanyard is traded in for a worn keychain that dutifully retains my (new!) car keys. The colorful Frank Sinatra vinyl cover, mini red cup string lights, and endless 4 x 6 photo printouts that once swarmed my dorm room walls have been replaced with a mounted TV, wooden shelves, and two pieces of Italian street art encased in beechwood picture frames. My oh my, what maturity is this?

But FEAR NOT! As far as I can tell, I’ve matured in medium, not content. In delivery, not spirit. The necessary vessels that I leverage for life–be they the clothes on my back, the vehicles I ride, the bed on which I sleep–may be neater, faster, and larger. But I like to think that like a good siopao, all the sweet tender meat on the inside is still the same. Such is the fate of my dear Cath in College as well.

Without a doubt, Cath in College has been one of the most formative parts of my Stanford experience. It has elevated the way I view myself as a student at this institution and simultaneously given me a medium through which I can express that discovery. As I have changed, so too has “CiC.” And I’m proud of that the same way I’m proud of my own personal growth. (We creatives are painfully human humans, after all.)

Indeed, Cath in College has evolved from being a place on the internet for me to delve into personal ramblings, to a place for me to experiment with my journalistic voice, to a host for meaningfully captured and edited video, to a full-blown media hub for all things Re: my friends and me. Now, it’s time for CiC to enter into its final stage of evolution. (Closer and closer to perfection we inch yet…)(jk)


“Cath in College: Senior Year”

Cath in College: Senior Year, or the Senior Year series, as I may sometimes refer to it, is the next step in the evolution of the CiC experience. Similar to previous vlogs, videos in the series will seek to capture the joys and wonders of life at one of the greatest academic institutions on earth from the perspective of cha girl. However, this series will look and feel different in its style, voice, and narrative. You, Dear Viewer, will likely notice obvious differences, such as the presence of “interviews,” and the extended duration of each individual piece. There will also be more subtle changes, such as in pace and tone.

My hope is that this new style/genre/whathaveyou will better enable me to capture the true beauty of being twenty-two in 2017. Come into our home, learn about us, all the good and the bad. Learn our strengths, our quirks, our passions, and our struggles. Oh, our struggles. We are preparing to officially be considered grown-ups and we’re not nearly ready yet. As we trade in our red cup string lights for beechwood picture frames, we plea for validation at the door. After graduation, the world expects great things of us, such as buying rotisserie chickens and calling the cable company. Am I doing this right?

At the same time, join us on the ride to make every moment count. For the next nine months, we’ll be attempting to soak in every last football game, every bike ride through the quad, every late nite run for chicken tenders, every laugh, every tear, every kiss. We’re going to be living up senior year like we’ve never lived up Stanford before.

So where is this all headed?

I have multiple goals for this series. First, I want anyone to be able to pick up on Season 1 Episode 1 without having watched a single Cath in College video previously and feel like they’re IN. This series is not just for veteran DRs and DVs. This one’s for the masses. Show your mom, show your best friend, show your neighbor down the road. This is going to be a show about life and what it means to be living.

Second, from start to finish, I want each episode of the series to accurately portray what the life of a Stanford senior could look like. I surely cannot portray the diversity of experiences had by all of my peers, but I aim to capture what it at least looks like for me. I anticipate that this will be the hook for many–“Oooo, I wonder what a Stanford dorm looks like!” “Do Stanford students ever have any fun?”–but I hope to continue the ongoing trend of members of the CiC community coming for Stanford but staying for everything else. There’s much more to be seen here than just dorms and beer pong.

Third, I want to experiment with the medium of video as it currently is consumed by the masses and distributed on platforms like YouTube. I am personally fascinated by the entire space of online video–from social media sites and apps, to subscription video on-demand services and full episode players like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. It gives me butterflies to think that Netflix and Hulu are investing $6 and $2.5 billion in original content this year, respectively. I also think that formats of mass-consumed video don’t have to be limited to 5-minute social videos, 25-minute sitcoms, or 120-minute films. Let’s shake things up, shall we?

My personal goal is to publish a new episode of “Cath in College: Senior Year” every Wednesday. I’ve personally adjusted my courseload to accommodate the increased time commitment to CiC, however I’m still staying loyal to my classes, my relationships, and a handful of other projects and commitments that are dear to my heart. (Working at the restaurant, staffing in my house, building apps with friends–c’mon, it is Stanford.) I’m working with a bigger team: Gabriela and Calli have come on as executive producers and will help me revise and edit each episode before it’s posted as well as help plan events that should be included in future episodes. Victoria (previously a CiC intern!) has come back on board to help manage partnerships and other logistics.


“Cath in College: Senior Year” is a new series–yes, like a TV show–exclusively on YouTube, with episodes premiering every Wednesday. It’s about growing up and figuring out life from the perspective of 12 graduating seniors at Stanford University. You should definitely share it with your friends, family, or literally anyone else you can find.

Season 1 Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ8pMawnYoY

Subscribe to Cath in College on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9E_7b2JdHHrN_r0har7ifA?sub_confirmation=1

Get the Cath in College app and never miss an episode: amino.app.link/CiC

All my love to you and yours,

Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze www.cathincollege.com Find me on social media! Facebook: www.facebook.com/cathincollege Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me: cathincollege@gmail.com


  1. Hey Cath are you gonna do another Crystal Blog? I loved those videos and would love to see another one with all of you as seniors now! Love you lots xoxo sarah


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