Dear Readers,

As you may have noticed, Cath in College is undergoing some changes- growing and expanding. A new shade of red (has someone noticed?) and the Dear Viewer Diaries have been the first noticeable implementations. Today, I am bringing you the next big thing (good things come in three’s!) (is that something people say?) (oh well).

One of my main goal as an intern was to increase the already-remarkable sense of community around the Cath in College Brand; the creation of a forum seemed like an ideal way to reach that goal. Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of the official CiC Forum- the perfect place for conversation between DRs and DVs. 

Introducing the Cath in College Forum!

The CiC Forum brings together the DRs and DVs to a place where like-minded individuals can share and interact- on just about anything.

What’s the forum good for? 

  1. Prep for the college application process with other like-minded, college-bound students. Have questions about college applications or want tips for freshmen year? Head straight to the Forum’s “College Talk” Category!
  2. Carry on important conversations/discussions/debates. Continue the debates you’ve heard about in CiC videos! Want to start a discussion about prevalent social issues? The CiC Forum is the right place!
  3. Take fun quizzes! The Quiz Tab is perfect for quick entertainment. Open to any CiC-related quiz submissions, this forum category currently hosts the First CiC Quiz: “Which CiC Friend are you?” Head over to the forum for the link 😉
  4. Participate in ongoing conversations. If you don’t have a specific topic in mind, just head to the “Current Questions” tab to take part in conversations amongst DRs. Make friends, get to know each other, and learn something new!
  5. Help shape CiC. Have a content request or idea? Share it on the CiC Forum!

Check it out!


& Inès


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