One of the traits I can admire most in a person is how difficult it is for others to describe them.

Now, I realize that one person’s inability to synthesize another person’s character does not necessarily reflect the complexity of that person’s character. (That synthesizer, after all, could just be very lazy. Or drunk. Or dead.)

However, often times when I find it difficult to summarize a person’s character (and I’m not being lazy or drunk or dead) it’s because their personality is far too complex to capture justly in a mere few words.

Indeed, I can’t just slap a two cent label on them (basic bitch, frat boy, burn out, gym rat) because doing so would fail to capture the entirety of who they have presented themselves to be. More specifically, I deeply admire when certain qualities of a person’s character seem to contradict others. When this is the case, it takes time for me to process and explain the nuances of their identity— how some traits seem to direct oppose others, but somehow for him/her, they don’t— and I LOVE that.

I love people who package together typically antonymous traits into cool, complex juxtapositions.

People who are poised and goofy.

People who are kind, and don’t let themselves get taken advantage of.

People who are compassionate, and know what they deserve.

People who are passionate, and don’t give a f*ck.

People who are popular, and aren’t mean

People who are sweet and badass

There are tons more. Can you think of some? Share in the comments below!

People who seem to be ill-fitting for any premade social “box” or “label” force others to work extra hard to understand and define them as people. Without the commonly understood boxes that allow us to communicate so much all at once—I tell you she is a basic bitch and you already have an idea of her probable likes, dislikes, etc.—we are required to perform the extra legwork to explain, “well, she’s poised and classy, but she’s also not afraid to be a total goofball…”

And the fact that that person is not afraid to make others perform that legwork is what makes them so admirable, in my humble opinion. They don’t give a damn if their authentic self doesn’t fit well under any premade label, because they’ve already defined their own sense of “cool” before the rest of us have the time to figure out if they match our definition or not.

Everyone is unique. I firmly believe that. But some people are running away from their uniqueness while others are relishing it. And while the first group scurries in a mass huddle towards the land of all that is well-conforming and easily-understandable, the second is innovating the neo-cool of those conformer’s futures.

(I know which one I’d rather be.)

Did this post make you think of someone? You should send it their way. It could make their day!

P.S. DON’T FORGET– If you’re on campus for the summer, I’m meeting up with Dear Readers like you THIS WEDNESDAY, July 27, 2016 from 8 – 10 PM at the Starbucks in Tresidder on Stanford’s campus. (Map here!) Please do come if you so please!

Some life updates before signing out:

  • I went to Mexico with my family! (Re: The recent HAUL of Instagram pix. @Conner, you deleted the app just in time.) The vacation was wonderfully rejuvenating, and I am very ill-prepared to be waking up at 6:50 AM tomorrow.
  • I am so so so so SO SO SO SO excited for junior year. Junior class president-ing. SWIB-ing. RA-ing in Cedro. It’s all so exciting I can barely stand it.

Xo xo meow meow,


Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze Find me on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me:


  1. I am one of the struggling – secretly hoping to be Freshly Pressed someday. I LOVED your successive pictures of the smiley sun, slowly sinking into the horizon. While the fame may feel fleeting, it is still fame, so embrace it!! Oh, and the poem, priceless!!


  2. wonderful bee skirt .. it really suits you …fab galloping start! We're in reaogrrtde … I now have absolutely no time to sew after manic all nighters! That Liberty quilt is fabtastic too … I don't feel so bad not sewing when I see such lovely inspiring stuff 🙂


  3. That’s me.
    People don’t get me, but in a good way.
    I make wildly inappropriate comments yet possess superior leadership and maturity. I care about people and do very good work, yet act like complete trash, simply for the hell of it. I strive to be organized in my thoughts and words, yet my room is one giant heaping pool of chaos. I am eloquent, yet use surprisingly random diction at times. I care, yet I just don’t give two halves of a f*ck. I love everyone and judge no one, yet make extremely badass roasts on my peers. I’m extremely intelligent, which is evident in my interactions with people, yet other behaviors make me seem more foolish than smart. In fact, people don’t understand the motives behind many of my actions or mannerisms. The way I am perplexes many to disbelief and complete confusion. Who am I? They wonder, and sometimes, I do too.

    Liked by 1 person

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