It used to be that you could only read Cath in College. Back when CiC was just a blog and every piece of content was written, there were no Dear Viewers, just Dear Readers. But over the past year, I’ve experimented with various forms of media, namely video, to expand and strengthen the CiC brand while attempting to stay true to its roots. (I think I’m doing a good job. What do you think?)

The influence of incorporating video into CiC has been overwhelmingly positive. By uploading all the CiC videos to YouTube, I’ve been able to grow a following on that platform, thereby welcoming new members from all over the world into the CiC community.

Plus, I love video. My background is in video journalism, and being on camera feels very natural to me. However, since my focus has shifted from 100% writing / 0% video to 60% writing / 40% video, and now to 20% writing / 80% video, I’ve started to miss writing for CiC. There’s something timeless and authoritative about the written word.

There’s something timeless and authoritative about the written word.

Here’s another thing: Video as a medium tends to make my life look much more glamorous than written posts do, and I believe that can be a bad thing. The footage of me spending long hours in the sun playing beer die with friends is certainly authentic–I can assure you that zero percent of Cath in College is an “act”–but I’m not sure I’m doing a very good job of balancing out that footage with video from the less exciting parts of my day. As Susan Sontag puts it, “To photograph is to frame, and to frame is to exclude.” By excluding moving images of the less festive hours of my life, I make it difficult for you as a reader to understand my existence as a real, breathing, vulnerable, flawed human. And that is something I want you to see.

“To photograph is to frame, and to frame is to exclude.” – Susan Sontag

BUT WAIT–(oh gosh here we go)–what’s not glamorous about waking up and washing my face? What’s boring about taking classes and studying for midterms and FaceTiming* my siblings? On my drive to work, I probably see anywhere from three to four Google self-driving cars on the road. What is monotonous to me may be exotic to you, or another Dear Reader. And perhaps including more of these “everyday wonders” will allow me to appreciate their “casual glamour” more. (Casual glamour. I like it.)

*When a corporation’s inundation of made-up terminology bombs its way into your vocabulary and #wins… cry.

Anyways, here are the takeaways:

  1. I miss writing. I hereby am setting the goal to write one post per week until the end of the summer. No exceptions.
  2. Honesty is not synonymous with authenticity. I intend to incorporate more of the day-to-day “casual glamour” of my life in CiC content moving forward.

As soon as I press “publish” on this post, I’ll have completed by weekly obligation outlined in goal #1. I can begin moving forward with #2 by showing you some normal photos from my life these past few weeks. (See captions for descriptions.)

Aaand that’s about all folks. I feel better already. Thanks for watching reading. 🙂

As an ending note: The barista who got me my iced Tesora at Philz Coffee on Forest Ave today is giving me legit butterflies… She is so damn cute– she’s rocking double braids, two nose rings, and a belly button piercing. I’m still here… should I try talking to her?

Might be gay oops lol,



Written by Catherine Goetze

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