Here’s a complete list of the questions:

1. Do you have any workout routines?
2. What do you think is the most important part of the Stanford admissions process?
3. Do guys care about flat chests?
4. Was Tinder useful abroad?
5. Do a lot of Stanford students stay during the summer?
6. What do I do after I f*ck my best guy friend?
7. What is the workload like for the classes you’ve taken?
8. How is Greek life at Stanford?
9. Would you ever hook up with a professor?
10. What will your living situation be like next year?
11. What are all your friends doing for the summer?
12. How are the parties at Stanford?
13. Best technique for talking to cute boys?
14. What’s your major?
15. What languages do you know?
16. Do you recommend studying abroad?
17. Is it difficult for undergrads at Stanford to get into medical research?
18. What are you up to this summer?
19. With what ethnicity did you apply to Stanford?
20. Are you in a sorority?
21. Do you think not being involved in Greek life makes it difficult to participate in the party scene at Stanford?
22. Fan from the Philippines!
23. Respect for the sandals
24. Why can’t I see your Sophomore Winter Quarter Video?
25. How do you stay in touch with your friends over the summer?
26. Has a boy ever broken your heart?
27. How did you deal with it?
28. When is the next Crystal Blog?
29. Will you read my common app essay?
30. Will you be doing another Silly Answers soon?
31. What’s the best way to make friends?
32. Call this phone number…
33. If you had to give up one of the five senses, which one would you give up?
34. Have you tried CoHo’s fettuccine alfredo?
35. Do you watch GOT?
36. What are your eyebrow secrets?
37. What editing program do you use?
38. Did you dye your hair?
39. Call THIS phone number…
40. Did you ever do a summer program at Stanford?
41. What was the lowest SAT score of any of your friends?
42. Idek
43. Tips for junior year in high school?
44. Do you want to stay in the bay area after graduation?
45. Tips for the ACT?
46. Are you not that close with your other brother, Keanu?
47. Are there any celebrities that go to Stanford?
48. Please hook me up with Conner?
49. Possible careers?
50. Showers: Morning or night?

Keep ’em coming 🙂

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Written by Catherine Goetze

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