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This is Katrín! In addition to brains, she’s got beauty!

Meet Katrín. She’s 19 years old, was born and raised in Iceland, moved to the United States on her own when she was 16, and I am honored to call her a Dear Reader of CiC.

Katrín first reached out to me two months ago in an email so beautifully crafted, I read it several times over just to make sure I caught all its aesthetic (and quite hilarious) nuances. In part, she wrote, “Leaving my home country at 16 years old to settle in the U.S. was one of the greatest risks I’ve taken in life thus far. But it was an exciting adventure and an experience that I wouldn’t give away for anything. It made me who I am today. And it wasn’t like I was walking blindly into a tornado with crossed-fingers; I was inspired, focus, curious, and determined to make the most out of everything I had. Aren’t we all?”

I had to ask Katrín to write a guest post for Cath in College, and luckily for me, she agreed! Enjoy 🙂


Hello and welcome.

I reached out to Catherine a few weeks ago to express my love for her blog as well as her Youtube channel and to basically worship her like a complete stalker. My message was long, sappy, and totally out there, as if I decided to do a life’s worth of drugs and then shoot her a quick email. Maybe I was on drugs (I honestly don’t remember, I was so high). I think I might have asked her to marry me, but I don’t quite remember. Well, SHE REPLIED (and really quickly for that matter. Hot damn) and asked me what consumes me (oh, you know, the way you talk to your fans?). She is the kindest person I’ve never met. Why, you ask? Because she provides me with this fantastic blog and on top of that, she asked me to write on it. WRITE-ON-IT. Can you believe that sh*t? I am definitely not equipped for this. Now that I’ve started you guys off right, here we go.

But first, cheers to you Catherine – for your inspiring posts, videos, thoughts, academically driven and overall awesome attitude, epically funny snapchats (see? Told you I was a stalker) and everything else. Thank you.

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411 on me

I am 100% Icelandic. I was born and raised in a tiny village in the northern part of Iceland where northern lights during the winter, 24-hours of daylight during the summer, lava fields, hot springs, and an insane amount of sheep left me immensely fascinated by the nature of our world and its doings. Also, I was bored out of by mind (bored and fascinated – how can this be?).

So I began a journey of desperately seeking knowledge and experience by coming to the United States when I was 16 years old. Three years after moving here, I am happy to say that I think I have a good chance of transferring to one of my very own dream schools this upcoming fall; a happening I’ve dreamt of since I was 8 years old (UPDATE: I got into a really great school! Crack the champagne!).

Enough about me; it’s time for real talk.

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I feel a lot of feelings (gentlemen, don’t give up on reading just yet, there’s stuff for you in here). The inevitable fate given to every female on this planet has taken an entirely different turn for me and completely out of the blue; I’m basically drowning in all of these feelings.

No, not the mushy and irrelevant high school concerns (no offense high-schoolers, we love you and you make the world a better place and also really good comedy movie content) but rather, the unthinkable occurrence of relating to all of Tumblr’s trending quotes on love and life success.

Somehow, now that I approach a double decade (yup, I made that up), I hear a muffled voice of my thirty, forty, or even 25-year-old self shouting at me with demands and blame.

“Why aren’t you applying for more scholarships you FOOL? Do you know how big of a b*tch student loans are right now!?”

“Why aren’t you calling your grandparents everyday, you evil person.”

“You just know you have better study habits than this”

“Why didn’t you try harder to get into [fill in dream school here]?”

My mind is racing, full speed, all the time, with these demands, accusations and thoughts from the future. It’s almost like a weird version of time-travel. And I’m not high, I promise very much.

I hope my fellow peers feel this way to some extent, as we do what we students do with the sole intention of building better futures. I just couldn’t help but notice that this state of mind is messing with my head. Insane in the membrane. Also, in light of this, I’m missing the moment and that reality is arguably more serious. And no Kesha, listening to you sing about dying young and living now does not help me overcome this existential crisis of mine – sorry. And to DJ Kahled: I will not throw my hands up in the air. Sit down. Also, this is super awkward what are you doing in my house? Get dressed or I’m calling the cops.

My dearest Catherine, thank you letting me ring your door bell and opening up to me; for pushing my intellectual boundaries and assisting me in immensely important conclusions to my never-ending train of thoughts. Cath asked me “What consumes you?” and there’s her answer; a set of stressful life problems that don’t exist yet. Also, I consume oreos but I don’t think that counts.

Since the moment I wrote these points down, not only have I realized that 25-year old Katrin is totally crazy and needs to take a chill pill, but also that she doesn’t even exist. This is very important to note. She has no right to tell me what to do because she is not even here to boss me around. Following this thought, I’ve decided to make an effort to transition into an easier mindset; I plan to turn to a purposeful, sophisticated, determined, curious one.

I’m happy to have you come along. It’s gonna be the time of your life, folks. The future is easy to deal with if there’s hope for it. I am here to reaffirm the fact that regardless of gender, passport cover color, religion, or sexuality, you can do anything you want. Easy? Probably not. Possible? Yes.

(That’s a yes).

(I guarantee you, it’s possible).

(No really).

(Wait are you asleep? Man, that’s just plain rude).

My points is: chill. If you can’t smell the roses yet, it’s OK. You’ve come across Cath’s blog (slay. In fact, all in favour of making CathinCollege its own religion say “Aye”). You’ve come this far on your laptop, shoot for the stars. Or at least just shoot for a start. 

I urge you to use the Internet to an abusive extent. Google random things. Stay humble and critical and skeptical. Learn from a beautiful source of information that so eloquently and revolutionary represents one of the most fascinating, influential and amazing phenomenon shaping our kick-ass, Internet-privileged generation. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA *mic drop*

And don’t click on the hot 18-year-old Albanian girl on the right. She doesn’t want to date you.

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Katrín AKA Gossip Girl



  1. I mention you A LOT to my family yet they have no idea who you are . At this point I’m pretty sure they just think you are my imaginary friend !! 😍😍😜😜

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