Remember the list of ~20 questions Calli and I sent out a few days ago to all you beautiful readers and watchers of Cath in College? Among them were, “Who is your CiC crush?” “What makes CiC, CiC?” and “Dare Chris to do something.” (Not a question, but equally entertaining.) Well, we got over 100 submissions in just 3 days! THANK YOU to everybody who participated. As promised, we gathered as many amigos as possible (s/o Slim in Florence and Thomas in Madrid) and filmed our reactions to your answers. Enjoy!

Q: Who is the “one true pair” of Cath in College?

A: Overwhelmingly Cath and Benji

giphy (46)

Someone makes a crude joke about what CiC really stands for.

(And it takes me a second to get the joke.)

giphy (47)

Q: Who is your CiC crush?

A: Overwhelmingly Chris

giphy (48)

Someone says Allan’s spirit animal is an aye-aye.

And we look up just what exactly that is…

giphy (49)

Someone says Calli’s celebrity lookalike is Steve Buscemi.

giphy (50)

I play “F*ck, Kill, Marry” with Chris, Conner and Benji.

And everyone is shocked.

giphy (51)

A CiC fan dares Chris to call them… and he does!

giphy (54)

Benji says he would have a physical relationship with another man…

giphy (53)

… but then…

giphy (52)

Enjoy the full video:

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Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze Find me on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me:


  1. Hi Cath!
    I was wondering when you apply for early admission would it best to apply to a possibility school (Example: Berkley) or reach school? (Stanford).


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