Dearest Readers,

My roommate, friend, and creator of this stellar blog has decided to take some time off to pursue… life. So, while she’s gone, she has asked me to take over. That’s right. Cal in College. Let me introduce myself, I’m Calli, known to some as “Cath’s CS106A partner who did nothing on hangman because she was taking drugs”. I had surgery, people. I like traveling, music, fishing, hiking, and being with friends and family. You may have seen me in Cath’s videos, being ridiculous and dancing poorly enthusiastically. My claim to fame is my unparalleled ability to make things awkward and to close my eyes in every photo, ever (see below). Oh, and one time we won a Natty.


With me at the helm, you can expect way fewer glorious Stanford selfies (cc: Cath), lots of complaining about workouts, early nights in bed, and way too much goofiness for one blog. So, I thought I’d kick things off with live updates. Without further ado, here is A Day in the Life of Cal, featuring gifs that describe my life.

6:11 AM: *alarm goes off* *throws phone across room* *cries* *jk* Morning workouts rock! Stanford Women’s Golf! Yes, we workout for golf. No, really.

giphy (40)

7:58 AM: Nothing says happy Friday quite like a vanilla Orgain. In case you were wondering, we ran and lifted. I’m dead serious.


8:08 AM: Not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to sign up for an 8:30 AM class.

8:15 AM: Those who know me know exactly where I am. For those who don’t: Starbucks. Grande latte with two pumps of sugar free vanilla, please *high pitched, friendly voice*. I’ve been coined the most basic non-basic person ever. Coffee gives me life – cheers, @Cath.

raw (1)

9:20 AM: S/o to Professor Shanks for making me feel better about my decision to take the 8:30 class (he has a British accent). In other news, I’ve been up for over 3 hours now.


9:21 AM: Suites is far. But I have an hour till my next class. Another Starbucks at this hour would be gluttonous. If I mobile order no one will notice? No. Stop. You’re out of control. I should go see our trainer and do rehab for my wrist. *bikes 42 miles to athlete-ville on the other side of campus*

11:30 AM: Ayyeee, done with class. Religious Studies 1. Let’s hear it for general education *snaps*. Feeling good. Just kidding. That last episode of Grey’s before bed last night was a poor career move. Hmm… Maybe if I bike sprint back to Suites I can take a 12 minute nap.

11:48 AM: 27 minutes until lunch opens. *paces in room thinking of things to do to make the time pass* *no, homework is not in the question*. 9 weeks until summer. FreedomfishingsunconcertssleepfoodYAY.



12:17 PM: Lunch with Cath and Shan. Awww. Life is good again. It’s the usual spinach salad and chicken for me. Cath is smashing a tuna melt. Shannon is spooning some weird mustard + vinegar mixture onto everything on her plate. I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag.


12:40 PM: Nothing to see here. Shannon and I are off to practice. Wish us luck.

3:31 PM: FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST. GOD ALMIGHTY, WE’RE FREE AT LAST. (I realize it’s pretty insensitive to use a Dr. King speech to describe golf practice, but hey, that’s what came to mind. No censorship in this blog).

3:53 PM: I am kind of starving post-practice. Middle Earth is riiiiight there. But I shouldn’t. Ooh, Caroline restocked the chocolate covered pretzels. Believe me when I tell you those things have crack in them.

4:20 PM: Just because I’m from Colorado doesn’t mean this time of day is significant to me. Smh. State-ists (Haha get it? Like “racist” but of states. Laughing at myself again).


4:46 PM: Having a pretty freakin’ awesome time listening to music and hanging out in 101. Shameless plug: follow me on Spotify & SoundCloud for a good time. Still holding out hope that Tupac is alive and planning to come out of hiding soon. But I guess Life Goes On. No really, I should do homew..… *picks up phone*


5:30 PM: A half hour till dinner and I’m doing a little bit of homework. Chicken tikka masala is coming, get lit! I’m not cheating on you Darbar (our favorite Indian restaurant), I’ll love you forever.

6:00 PM: 6 o’clock on the dot. Turns out chicken tikka masala is tomorrow’s dinner *tears*. Sitting around the table with Jonny, Shannon, and Quina after having last night’s dinner with Professor Condoleezza Rice. I can never get enough of sharing meals with great people. Week 1 survival tactics. On another note, I think a solid half of my updates so far have been about food. Athletes, am I right?

giphy (41)

7:16 PM: I’m in a food coma, and it’s the end of the day for the gals of 101. Currently sitting in our lounge thinking about the MS&E 111 work I should be doing. Matrices make me sad, so technically I’m making a smart decision. Taking the whole “happiness is everything” to heart.

7:18 PM: Oooh, I’ll clean my room and play my guitar. That’s productive, right?



If you didn’t watch iCarly as a kid you did it all wrong.

7:37 PM: Twerk twerk twerk twerk. Translation: work work work work. Side note: Shannon prefers to call it “twerk” instead of work. #staythirstymyfriends #hashtag.


8:46 PM: *runs to Shannon’s room* WOOO HOOO! HEY SHANNON WHATCHA DOIN’? Shannon has spent way too much time with me and is no longer amused by my goofiness and acute onset hyperactivity.

9:10 PM: *gets off Shannon’s floor* FINE, I’M LEAVING. I guess this would be a good time to shower. Are you guys bored yet?

9:13 PM: OCD getting the best of me as I incessantly plan my day in my head while in the shower. Having deep thoughts. Maybe I should major in philosophy. Jk. This blog post is the longest paper I’ve ever written #engineering.

giphy (42)

9:24 PM: Well I kind of want to go to bed, but I feel like I need to make my life seem more interesting now that I’m the new Cath. Ok. I got this.


9:30 PM: Ya f that. I’m about to climb into bed and watch some Netflix. Baemon is calling (Damon from Vampire Diaries, ilh). Wow, ok. I really do seem basic. I’m not, I swear (see photo below of me not being basic). See? Told ya.

10:12 PM: Aaaaand that’s all for me folks. I promised you early nights. And I delivered.

Welp, I hope you enjoyed my first post as the new Cath. I think you’re really going to enjoy the direction I plan on taking the blog. As you can tell, I’m thinking something more along the lines of Buzzfeed, and less of the whole “well-written commentary on college experiences” thing.

Peace and blessings,


Follow me on Twitter/Instagram (@calliringsby) and add me on Snapchat (cringsby). I promise cool pictures and good laughs.


Oh, and Happy April Fools Day 🙂


  1. How did I get here? BTW… I probably make the best Tika Marsala but I call it Butter Chicken. Little history? Butter Chicken in India but called Tika Marsala when it came to England so it sounded Indian. Dazed and confused?

    You sound busy and happy and that makes me happy too. XOXO


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