Holy cow. Today was a lot.

Today was “a lot” in the sense that the day began at 6:20 AM and I didn’t get a chance to fully sit still until now, at 11 PM. (My feet are positively throbbing. Bark bark.)


As orientation volunteers on Move-in Day, Allan and I spent the morning moving SUV-loads of boxes and suitcases to the new frosh’s dorm rooms, which for some reason were consistently on the third of three floors. We helped out mostly at J-Ro, whose theme this year is Avoga-J-Ro’s number. The hallways are decorated with paintings of Rufus from Kim Possible and whack-a-moles. #Nerdnation. (Click here if you don’t get the reference.) (It’s okay, I didn’t get it either.)


After moving boxes for solid two hours, we walked over to bike registration in White Plaza, where we handed out bike lights and taught frosh that they can be written up for pretty much anything other than riding their bike with one headphone in. We did this for six hours. Six. Then we headed to MemChu, where we helped direct families to their seats at Convocation. (More time on our feet. Bark bark.) Finally, we helped set up and tear down Parents’ Dinner in the old Arrillaga gym. Tearing down an entire gymnasium filled with round tables, chairs, massive velvet curtains and industrial lights is more exhausting– and takes longer– than you’d think.

When we finally got our tired asses back to suites, it was 10:30 PM.

Today was “a lot” because many frosh knew who I was.

Yeah. They knew me from the CiC blog and YouTube videos and stuff. One kid said he knew me, turned to Allan, and said “and you’re Awesome Allan!” I died. It was cool and weird and awesome. I just get a huge kick out of meeting Dear Readers in real life. I absolutely love meeting them/you. So f*cking cool. Please continue to say hi.

Today was “a lot” in the sense of, you know… the feels.

The tone for the day was set at 8 AM when the first freshmen were arriving at J-Ro. Before each one of the new students that approached the pamphlet-dorned table outside the entrance to their new dorm had time to offer their name, they were blasted with a loud, enthusiastic, “WELCOME TO J-RO [NAME]!!!!” And every time, I watched creepily on as each of their expressions ignited from a steady glow to beaming bright. Yes, your staff knows your name before they meet you, I thought. Because they’re awesome and they love you and you’re a family now. (S/O to the J-Ro RAs. All of whom I adore. Seriously. What a staff.)

For the rest of the day, I felt as if I was watching my freshman move-in through a crystal ball: I saw the same wide-eyed excitement I felt while wandering around campus with Mom and Dad as dreams slowly solidified into reality. This is home, now. I watched the new frosh listen to the same moving speeches of President Hennessy and Harry J. Elam at Convocation that gave me goosebumps under the hot California sun in 2014. They’re talking to me. I felt the same contageous electricity of band run as the next generation of trees sprinted down Wilbur field. The chants. The lights. The band. SERIOUSLY. LONG LIVE LSJUMB.

Long story short, today was a series of drawn-out but solid confirmations that I love absolutely everything about Stanford freshman life. And I am so so so glad I got to be a part of it.

Today was a lot, Dear Reader. But it was great, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Snappa? Snappa.


Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze www.cathincollege.com Find me on social media! Facebook: www.facebook.com/cathincollege Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me: cathincollege@gmail.com

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