Hey guys! My name is Hannah-Beth and I run The College Girl Daily. I’m a Texas-born, coffee addict who blogs about all things college life. I’m a sophomore at The University of Texas at Arlington and I’m majoring in communication technologies, which is basically a fancy way of saying web design. Today I’m sharing ways to become more interesting.

I’m very sorry to say that being caught up on all your Netflix shows isn’t the coolest thing in the world. What does make people more interesting is the things they do in their free time. Whether you need to beef up your resume with hobbies that make you stand out or need something to talk about when you meet new people, here are a few ways to make you more interesting.

1. Find a passion

Whether it’s knitting or french cooking, find something you genuinely enjoy to do. For me, I enjoy blogging and sharing advice. What people do in their free time really shapes who they are and what they value. I’m not saying you can’t binge on “Orange is The New Black” on your weekends off, but try finding something you enjoy learning about. Start with a bit of Googling, then jump with two feet into your new hobby. If in two weeks you realize you’re not as interested as when you started, then jump ship and try something else. Trying new things is the best way to find your passion.

2. Read

I’m a nerd, so I grew up reading all the time. Right after I turned 20, I made a resolution to only read adult fiction, non-fiction or classic books instead of my usual YA novels. But 10 pages into Madame Brovary I realized that being an adult was over rated. I also realized that it doesn’t matter what you read, but read something. Whether you’re into science-fiction YA or old school turn-of-the-century novels, spend a few minutes a day reading, I like to read right before bed or waiting in line at Starbucks. Reading expands your mind and all that junk they told you in elementary school, but really, reading takes a lot more creativity than parking it in front of the TV for an hour.
It doesn’t matter what you read, but read something.

3. Have an informed opinion on current events

Keeping up on current events is one thing, but having an informed opinion about what’s going on in your community, country and world not only makes you more interesting, but also makes you more responsible. Don’t just regurgitate things you hear from your parents or friends. Read a few articles about current events that interest you before forming your opinion on them. Having solid reasons behind your opinions, and standing behind them makes you look like a responsible adult. This doesn’t mean you need to convert everyone to your way of thinking, or randomly bring up a news headline just so you can put your two cents out there. Please don’t be one of those people.
If someone asks your opinion on something before you’ve had a chance to read up on it, there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Well I haven’t read all the facts yet so I don’t think I could fairly say.’ And boom, change the topic. That weather is crazy man.

4. Write or make something pretty

Just like reading, writing is something that exercises the mind and makes you more creative. As a college students, writing is one of our most valuable skills, so getting really good at it is beneficial to you now and after your graduate. I write for my blog and my student newspaper. Journaling is also a great way to practice your skills. Again, just like reading, it doesn’t matter how or where you write, but you should do it.
If the thought of sharing your day in a journal makes you cringe, then try your hand at some of that artsy stuff. Again, whatever your medium, art is a skill that can be refined and practiced. Share some of your art on Instagram and make a little business of it.
You are an insanely interesting person. (Whether you keep up with current events or not.) These things aren’t going to land you your dream job, or instantly make you stand out in a job interview. But these things will make you feel like a little bit more of an adult and feel a little more confident. If you guys liked this post feel free to follow me around on some of my social media below!
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