This one’s for all the class of twenty-nineteener-weiners. This is a PARTIALLY SPONSORED POST. (But it’s still good stuff, so keep reading.)


Amidst the frenzy of picking out classes, panicking about meeting your hallmates for the first time and reveling in your last high school summer, you’ve probably thought once or twice about what you need to pack for your first year at school away from home. Lucky for vous, my friends at Our Campus Market and I are here to help 🙂

I’ve got three lists for you.

List 1 is a checklist of all the necessary Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.40.14 PMitems Our Campus Market recommends for incoming college students. Fun added perk: If you end up going to to purchase an item, use promo code CATH10 for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more! 😀

List 2 is a list of the things I wasn’t expecting to find useful at college, but did. And finally, List 3 is a list of the things I thought I would need at college, but really didn’t.


List 1- Our Campus Market Checklist

Click to enlarge & download PDF! NOTE: This list covers a lot, so I highlighted all the things I would personally recommend bringing, especially for other saplings! Make sure to use promo code CATH10 if you decide to purchase from OCM!


Don’t forget to use promo code CATH10 at checkout!

List 2- The things you wouldn’t think of bringing, but should

  1. A picnic blanket – Or some type of blanket you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. Perfect for picnics, laying out, and all those afternoons when the sun is shining just a bit too brightly to stay in.
  2. A beach towel – Because you’ll look a bit silly showing up to the pool/beach with a bath towel. (Oops.)
  3. A clock – YES. I can’t tell you how convenient it is to be able to glance up at the time in your dorm room without having to check your phone, especially when you’re darting between classes.
  4. Nice clothes – For formals and such!
  5. A rain jacket with a hood – Because it will rain, and you can’t bike with an umbrella.
  6. An umbrella – Because it will rain so hard that a rain jacket won’t cut it, and you’ll have to walk.
  7. Clothes you don’t mind getting drenched in red wine – 💁
  8. Gloves – Don’t be as naïve as I was. It gets cold, and the windchill of biking plus the low temperatures can turn your knuckles into popsicles.
  9. A coffee maker – Obviously for those who like coffee/tea. I used my little twenty-dollar coffee maker on a nightly basis. Lo recomendo for those late nights studying.
  10. Nail polish remover and cotton balls for those who paint their nailz – There will come a day when you will want them, and when you don’t have them, it will suck.
  11. One big plush comfy blanket – An absolute must.
  12. Post-it notes – AND STICK ‘EM ON EVERYTHING. Practical applications: (no pun intended)
    1. Shannon and I put a sticky note on the inside of our door with the times of our first classes for each day of the week. Nobody ever let the other person sleep through another class again!
    2. We put a sticky note on our door when we both came down with colds. It read: “WARNING: Sick girls within. (We’re still hella cute tho.)”
    3. I put a sticky with my mailing address on my desk so I wouldn’t have to dig it up every time I wanted to order a mini trampoline on Amazon.
    4. Motivational stickies that read “YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD.”
  13. A check book – Although Venmo usually cuts it.
  14. Pancake mix 😀 – The perfect midnight snack. Just mix with some water, throw on the stove, and voilà. Breakfast for fourthmeal.
  15. A foldable indoor lounge chair – The boys in 251 had one of these. It was super convenient for the times we needed more seating space.
hey allan

List 3- The things I brought that I never used :/

  1. An ethernet cable (because sometimes I don’t understand how technology works)
  2. A childhood quilt that means more to my mom than it does to me (It stayed at the bottom of my closet the entire year)
  3. A helmet :grimacing:
  4. Trash bags (Dorms supply these, as well as other necessary cleaning supplies like vaccuums and materials to clean up barf.)
  5. Floss
  6. Haha, just kidding
  7. I floss
  8. I promise
  9. A bajillion notebooks, pens and pencils
#tbt to move-in day 2014 :’)

WHALLLLLE I hope these 3 lists help ease your packing pains. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, or anonymously by clicking here!

Good luck at your first year, everyone! You’re gonna kill it! 😀 ❤

Xx meow meow ~ Cath

Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze Find me on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me:


  1. IT CAME!!!! IT CAME!!! I’m thrilled beyond words!! I posted about it on my blog, and I just can’t tell you how much it means to me – seriously, I was off to a hellish start to my day – which would have been a hellish end of my week – and then I get your gift!!! THANKS so much!!! Love it all! Love you!! And I’m thinking I’m going to have to have myself a &#mte0;82l2ing moment” this afternoon!! xoxoxoxo, Nan


  2. This is so awesome Cath! I just watched one of your videos and I remembered meeting you at Admit Weekend when we did some house activities at Stern. Hope you have a great sophomore year! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for this awesome post! Do the Stern/Larkin rooms have full length mirrors in the closets?
    -incoming frosh 🙂


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