“Tell a story about guys ;)”

“If you didn’t go to Stanford, where would you be?”

“Do people get more chill in college?”


ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES: Joining me for this video Q&A has been Madi Kist, rising sophomore, coxswain of the varsity crew team, and fellow traveller on our Stanford Overseas Seminar. We had a ton of fun answering your questions about dating, happiness, and college life. Here is a complete list of all the questions we got to…


  • 0:35 – How would you describe the dating culture at Stanford?
  • 1:43 – How do you plan to stay close with all your frosh dorm friends?
  • 2:26 – What’s yo’ IQ?
  • 2:32 – What do you love? What makes you happy?
  • 3:11 – What was your second-choice college?
  • 3:49 – What are some good books?
  • 4:38 – What is your favorite subject?
  • 5:24 – Favorite color?
  • 5:28 – How should I organize my school binder?
  • 5:47 – Did you get into Stanford with any scholarships? Are they hard to get?
  • 6:36 – Tell a story about guys 😉
  • 7:44 – How much better is college than high school?
  • 7:52 – Do you grow apart from your high school friends?
  • 8:41 – What’s Camp Stanford?
  • 9:06 – Does Conner actually play lax?
  • 9:10 – How did you get involved in study abroad?
  • 9:50 – How’s the transportation at Stanford?
  • 9:53 – Do people get more chill in college?

Coming Soon…


In the next CiC Q&A video, I will be joined by my two best friends from high school, Lily and Maggie, to answer all your questions about my experience at Barrington HS, a large public high school in the northwest suburbs of the Chicagoland area. Click here to submit your questions about my high school experience, high school friendships/relationships, high school classes, college prep, or anything else you can think of! 🙂

🎉 ask.fm/cathincollege 🎉



Written by Catherine Goetze

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