WOOOOooo quickly falling behind with the update posts. Ok. Here we go for last weekend. Thanks for reading, mom! 🙂 ❤


Saturday: Strasbourg, France

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Strasbourg since my junior year of high school, when I learned about its existence in Ave’s first hour introductory French class. (S/O Ave, S/O French I 2k12-13) My teacher’s tales of travel to this large yet charming medieval site inspired me to move Strasbourg to the top of my travel bucket list.


I stepped foot in France for the first time in the mid-morning of last Saturday. Our seminar was only scheduled to stay in the town until 5 PM, but a few of us were too in love to leave so soon, so we decided to each pay an extra nine euro to take a 10 PM bus back to Freiburg.

Best. Decision. Ever.

We spent the day wandering around the main plaza, exploring La Petite France, speaking French… Lots and lots and LOT of French 🙂


Enjoying some authentic French bread in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral with Madi


[First picture:] “OMG look how tiny this door is!”

[Second picture:] *OMG look how cute those French boys are*


This lovely gentleman drew my (phenomenal) portrait in the main square for 30 euro. I regret not asking for his name, but I nevertheless HIGHLY recommend him to anybody who’s passing through the area and hoping to get a gorgeous, true-to life drawing of themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.48.58 PM



Me: “Pouvons-nous prendre une photo avec vous?”

Handsome soldier: “Ouais.”

Stranger snaps photo for us.

Me: “Merci!” Madi and I begin to walk away. I pause, glancing at the picture on my camera, and turn around. “Voulez-vous voir la photo?”


Handsome soldier: Smiling, “…Ouais.”


Nikki, Madi and I agreed to go all out for the one lunch we got in Strasbourg. I asked our waitress what the “most French thing” on the menu was. “La coucroute garnie avec le pinot gris!” she said with a smile.

“Parfiat.” I responded. “Nous voudrions trois.”

We ended the day at a picnic on the canal with bottles of French wine and bags of French baguettes with rounds of French cheese and links of French sausage. (The only way to end a day, really.) We dangled our feet in the water and sipped our worries away as the sun set on the horizon. All the while, I dreamt of never, ever leaving.

Strasbourg, my love, you have surpassed my expectations. I will be back for you!

Sunday: Basel, Switzerland


Damn, Basel, you fine.


Train rides on train rides on train rides

I didn’t have as strong of an emotional connection to Basel, admittedly, but the city was still gorgeous nonetheless. We toured the old town, ate (another) picnic on the water, made our own paper, and most importantly…

…We (half) skinny dipped in the Rhine river in broad daylight! #Spontaneity


“We should jump into the river”

“We don’t have baithing suits”


“I’m wearing a thong”

“F*ck it, let’s go.”


Hasta la pasta … Cath

Written by Catherine Goetze

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