Sometimes y’all ask goofy questions, and sometimes y’all ask serious ones. Let’s try to tackle some of the latter!

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Q: Legit question: Do you think it is possible to have fun without alcohol? Don’t you think sober fun is better and more rewarding? I’m not saying you can’t drink (you shouldn’t, since it’s illegal, but…), my point is, try to keep it classy and never trashy.

A: Do I think it’s possible to have fun without alcohol?

>Sighs in exasperation.< Oh my goodness. Yes. Of course.

Do I think sober fun is better and more rewarding?

I think you are asking a rhetorical question, Dear Reader. From it, I can tell that you think sober fun is better and more rewarding. I think sober fun and not-so-sober fun are very different, and there are times during which one is more appropriate than the other. I also think that introducing–ehem– “non-sober-ness” doesn’t necessarily degrade the “reward” factor of an occassion. (Whatever the hell that means.) Let’s put it this way: Responsible, safe, healthy fun with alcohol can be just as “good” and “rewarding” as sober fun in certain scenarios. (Some sample scenarios that would be excluded from this set: Driving, babysitting, jumping across the grand canyon on a motorbike, etc.)

And in regards to keeping it classy and never trashy: Don’t you worry about me, DR. I’ll do me and you just keep on doing you.

Q: Was your sister’s viral video staged?


Q: Why did you choose to go to Stanford?


  1. It was the highest-ranked school I got into
  2. The culture of goofiness/chillness/not-taking-yourself-so-darn-seriously
  3. The strong academics
  4. Dope admit weekend experience/overall freshman dorm culture
  5. why its sford

Q: I don’t know what your financial aid situation is like at Stanford, but if you had to pay sticker price for it, do you think it’d be worth it?

A: Yes. While I strongly believe that drive and hard work can take you anywhere regardless of where you go to school, the head-start that the Stanford name gives post-acceptance is nearly invaluable. In my uncensored opinion, if you get into Stanford and decide to go somewhere else, you better have a darn good reason. (Especially since our financial aid program is so strong. Parents with annual family incomes below $125,000 and typical assets will be expected to pay zero Stanford tuition.)

Additionally, Stanford is fun af, and some people pay the price of a 4-year Stanford tuition for a 1-year country club membership. So if you think about it…

PSA: Let’s keep making a tool for good, y’all. Honest, constructive feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome; Feel free to leave any unsubstantive hate at the door. ✌️

AAAAaaand to end on a fun note…

Here’s a video of husband goals for reallll – Feat. Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors

– 😸



Written by Catherine Goetze

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