This post was originally written on the night of Friday, June 5, 2015. It was revised and published at a later date.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The next post is going to be, more than anything else, a stream of garbled, inconsistent consciousness. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I leave college in 6 days. Tears have already been shed, and many more shall. The plan is to just pretend it’s not happening until I’m on the plane, then break down in front of a hundred random strangers. ūüėÄ

I have so much stuff coming up for CiC that I’m SOSSOSOO excited about. Pleaaase stay tuned. I’m working on the blog every day!

OMG IMORTANT: is now just!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO

So I’m at Late Night right now– Stanford jargon for what is essentially Taco Bell’s “Fourthmeal,” #TranslatingThroughFranchiseMarketingCampaignNames– and I just finished what may be the dryest paper ever written in human history. Don’t read it. Trust me. It’s not worth it.

I’m here with my two palzzzz, Conner and Chris. Let’s meet them.

me and connerConner Evan Smith

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX (Real place)

Strengths:¬†Writing code,¬†warming the lax bench ( ‚̧ ), making¬†sweats look sexy, being a true Southern gentleman, being ballsy¬†(See “This Summer.“)

Weaknesses: Getting up at 6:50 AM for the Morning Pump‚ĄĘ

This Summer: Interning at Kozo Keikaku Engineering in Tokyo, Japan for 8 weeks while playing lacrosse for the University of Tokyo. Note: Conner does not speak Japanese.

Fun Fact: Thinks he has a super basic name. Would prefer to have a name like Malcolm or Jay Gatsby.

me and chris

Chris Paul Barry

Hometown: Denver, CO

Strengths: 4-year plans, public speaking, making you laugh til you need to change your shorts, starting intensely thought-provoking conversations out of absolutely nowhere.

Weaknesses: Putting his dirty clothes in the hamper.

This Summer:¬†Going on a road trip to a bunch of national parks (Yellowstone, Arches, Glacier, Yosemite, etc.) and attempting to meet¬†his 3 summer goals: Get ‘a lot’ better at math, hit the gym, and become a passable pickup basketball player.

Fun Fact: Chris plays the baritone saxophone. “Shoutout to Quincy ave,” he adds.


I got my acryllic nails removed yesterday and now it hurts to type!! ūüėõ

AH so we did dorm superlatives and my dorm voted me “Most likely to become a household name.” So honored. So tears.

Did you know I won “Teacher’s Pet” in high school? The photo we took to accompany the title in the yearbook featured me seductively biting into an apple while leaning on one of my teachers’ shoulders. Lol.

HAHAHA I bought a t-shirt with Allan and Conner’s faces on it.



I was so overjoyed¬†with the final product that I took the time to send CustomInk, the company that made the tee, a¬†very enthusiastic review.¬†I actually do that every time¬†I’m overly¬†impressed with a product or service. I once sent a real, physical letter to the company that makes Clancy’s chips that simply read: “Your kettle-cooked jalepeno chips are life-changingly delicious.” True story.

I am IN LOVE with the t-shirt. The colors and everything look amazing and it fits SO WELL. I’M JUST SO HAPPY. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. CUSTOMINK FOR LIIIFFEEEEEEE

So a little while ago, our dorm staff organized a 24-hour, Bay Area-wide scavenger hunt for us. It was easily one of the most demoralizing experiences of my life.

The clues were based on logic, science, and random puzzle-solving skills, and they were INSANELY difficult. Here, give this one a whirl. It leads to a landmark location in the Bay Area. Can you get it?


Hm. It’s late. I should probably sleep soon.

Let’s see, what am I doing tomorrow?

  • Sleep in (No morning pump because…)
  • Going to the gym at 11ish with Conner
  • Beach volleyball or fountain hopping or hopefully both
  • Storage container for move-out getting dropped off at 2:45 (sobs into a bucket)
  • Blackhawks game 2 at 4:15 PM PST!
  • Hiking the dish at sunset with my good pal (and future roommate!) Slim

Nighty night,


Written by Catherine Goetze

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