My name is Michaela Goetze and six months ago I was one of the most famous people on the internet.

I am Catherine’s now 12 year old sister, and I was the star of “Michaela’s Flu Shot“, a regular experience that I never thought would go viral.

It all started one rainy fall evening and the day that I dread the most had come, flu shots. I was in the car with my brother Keanu, my mom and my sister, Catherine. Keanu and I were both freaking out. We decided to pinch each others arm because we thought it would help us, it didn’t. We arrived at the Doctors office and my heart was beating extremely fast! Before I knew it, my mom, my sister, Keanu and I had been called up to the room where we get our shots.


My sister was recording the whole time because we always record just in case something funny happens, and this trip something funny did happen. Keanu was up first and he acted like it was no big deal while he got his shot, but then it was my turn. Of course Keanu had to freak me out and the shot didn’t go so well. I was laughing and crying the whole time! Finally the shot was over and we headed back to the car. When we got in the car we watched the entire video. Our whole family was laughing throughout the whole video.

That’s when Catherine decided to post it on YouTube. As of today, it has 3,923,371 views.

The video did not get famous for a long time. For one and a half years it had only a couple hundred views. One and a half years later my sister got an email from a media company asking her to give them the rights to promote our video. My sister wasn’t sure at first if she should do it, but she decided to because we had nothing to lose. After she signed the contract to give them the rights nothing happened for a long time.

Two months later, in fall we got an email from the foreign exchange student who had stayed with us the summer before and in the email there was a link to a video about funny fails and I was in it. He was telling us how I was famous all the way on France! My sister and I were so confused, but we knew it must have been because of the contract we signed with the media company!

After that more and more websites were reposting my videos and commenting about how funny I was. We started seeing tweets, articles and vines about it! Some of the most famous Twitter pages like @KardashianReact and @Dory posted screenshots of the video with funny captions like “When you thought you had a cold but your doctor says you have Ebola,” and “when satan enters ur soul.” People also made vines about it too. On Instagram they were making collages of my face and posting them. Then stuff in real life started happening like, people asking to take selfies with me, people tweeting me asking me to follow them, and people noticing me in public.

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One time someone came up to me at school and asked to take a selfie with me. After I took the picture with her she was so excited and she started jumping up and down. Another time was when our family went to the Wisconsin Dells and one of the workers recognized me and asked me if I was the flu shot girl. I said yes and he was laughing so much telling me how awesome I was.

I was also interviewed live on the Queen Latifah show!

Around Christmas time we got some money from the media company that was promoting the video and my sister and I decided to use the money on Christmas gifts for our family. We bought our brothers new Jordans and cologne, we bought our mom a winter coat, we bought our dad new sweatshirts because that’s what he really wanted.


Overall my whole flu shot experience has been wonderful! It was so cool to be a real internet celebrity for a couple months! I enjoyed every single part of it! Thanks for reading! Also you should follow me on Twitter & Instagram!

– Michaela


About the Author: My name is Michaela Goetze. I am 12 years old, and I have the biggest passion for basketball ever! Living with 2 brothers because my sister is in college, I get to play with them all the time! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jimmy Butler! He plays for the Chicago bulls and his number is 21! Another passion of mine is watermelon. Yes, watermelon is that important to me that I had to put it in the blog.

Written by michaelagoetze

My name is Michaela (Mic-ay-la) Goetze (Ge-tzee). I am in the seventh grade in a suburb of Chicago. I love to swim and play basketball. I love math and i love to write.