Tonight I went around my dorm and took photos of unsuspecting people who left their doors open (a universally-recognized invitation to enter) and asked them the question: “Whatchya working on?”

-What’s the problem you’re working on? 
-Some acidity stuff. But I haven’t read the section on it yet, which might explain why I don’t know how to do it.

-Physics. I have to figure out when the stupid ball crosses the net.

-Oh, uh, homework…

-Thinking Matters: How the Brain Works. Do you know how the brain works?
-Neither do I.

-Literally nothing. I’m playing video games.

-Physics. I have a friggin’ midterm on Tuesday.
-Are you nervous?
-*scoffs* Nah.

-Getting a Brazilian clave rhythm down on my djembe drum.



-I’m working on my POWR: Humanitarian Intervention. Basically we talk about whether it’s effective or not, and we go into different strategies of humanitarian intervention. My topic is on India dowry deaths. Pretty much there are women who are married off, and then their spouse inflicts sexual violence on them. If they end up getting pregnant, but not with a boy for instance, they’ll terminate her pregnancy because they only want boys because they don’t want to have to sell off another woman for a dowry. It’s very intricate… and sad.

-I have to write my Spanish thingy.

-Basically, you want it to have the brick move down and stay there, and then another brick comes down and stays there right next to it, right? So what’s really important is getting the brick to start fifty over, or whatever the brick width is, right? So you just want this to keep repeating itself so that for each time there’s a new brick placed that’s fifty spots over. Ya? And you wanna do that ten times. So the x position would be int times fifty, because for the first one, it’d be zero because you have it in the corner so it would be (0,0). And then the next one would be fifty, and etc. etc. etc.

-Wait, take a picture of this.
-It’s cool.

-Did you hear Pranav went on a date last night?
-We went to the Cheesecake Factory.
-I am more happy about you going on a date than I would be about me going on a date. 

-I met her in my reflections seminar.

-She came up to him and was like “Hey, I think we’re Facebook friends.”
-Then I messaged her on Facebook and was like “Hey, I guess you were right.”

-I just got back from my ME302 group. We’re doing autonomous vehicle stuff.
-Cars that drive themselves. The future.

-I was just writing in my journal. I was thinking about if it was better to wait to meet people who make you completely happy, which would make you more than a little lonely, or to “settle” so to speak and not be lonely but not be very happy either.

-My COMM story for Introduction to Writing and Reporting the News. I went to the Palo Alto city council meeting on January 20 and they talked about the bike paths they’re putting in. So I’m just revising my story on that.

-CS. It’s a b*tch.

-That doesn’t look like CS.
-It’s the math part of CS.


As for me, I’m working on getting this post up by midnight so I can get a halfway decent night’s sleep, although I have a feeling that giant cup of taro boba I sucked down an hour ago and the three-hour nap I took today might have negative effects on that plan…

Good night xoxo

Written by Catherine Goetze

Catherine Goetze Find me on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @catherinegoetze Instagram: @catherinegoetze SnapChat: @catherinegoetze Contact me:

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