Last night at the dinner table, a good friend of mine, let’s call him Tennessee, posed the hypothetical situation:

If a half-black and half-white woman were to have a child with a half-black and half-white man, is it possible for their baby to be “all black” or “all white”? 

Simply put, Tennessee was proposing that theoretically, the baby of the mixed couple could receive all of the “black genes” from both parents and therefore appear to be “all black.” Likewise, the baby could receive all of the parents’ “white genes” and appear to be “all white.” He adds that though possible, this would of course be statistically extremely unlikely. 

My prediction, on the other hand, was that this would be completely impossible, since a mixed person’s DNA cannot be separated into “white” and “black” genes, or any other races for that matter. 
Neither I nor my friend have ever extensively studied genetics; both of our hypotheses were drawn off of our knowledge of high school level biology.
So being the naturally curious people that we are, Tennessee and I drafted an email to be sent to one of the top genetics professors at our school inquiring about their professional opinion on the plausibility of this hypothetical anomaly. (WOO WORDS)
We have not yet received a response from this particular professor. I personally fear a response that will read: “Dear you couple of racist, ignorant f*cks…” Honestly, I wouldn’t blame the professor. We truly are ignorant on the subject and may in fact have just inadvertently used racially discriminatory undertones in the wording of our email. (See: “black-genes”)
SOOO until we get an email back… I’m curious! What do YOU think, Dear Reader
Do you think the birth of a full-white or full-black baby by two mixed parents would be possible?

Written by Catherine Goetze

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