So I’ve decided to go public.

Let me start by addressing those for whom this post is the first interaction they are having with this blog.

Hello. You probably found this post by following a link I shared on one of my social media sites, so I’ll assume you already know me, and skip the introductions.

I created this blog in June 2014– That’s 6 months ago. I’ve maintained it ever since, posting anywhere from 3 to 7 posts per month.

Up until this point, Cath-in-College-dot-blogspot-dot-com has served as a semi-private space for me to relate the stories of my life to my guaranteed– however teeny-tiny– online audience. I posted autonomously from my other social media sites for six months and was therefore able to write without fear that someone I know would be able to easily stumble upon what I had published. Though I don’t like to admit it, I suppose I chose to keep it this way for so long out of fear of judgement. (Read below for more.)

So why change?

Ultimately, I’ve decided to go public because my curiosity to see what this blog could truly lead to if given the proper chance to grow has finally overcome the fear I once had of sharing such a personal space with such a huge online audience. I am now eager to have the conversations I am hopeful my posts have the ability to begin– to experience the intellectual discussions it could provoke in my classmates and friends. After all, I have said from the beginning that my goal was to enlighten and entertain. Finally, as an aspiring journalist, I felt it necessary to begin exercising my voice more publicly and to attempt to attract the viewership I am confident my posts deserve. It took some time to reach this level of confidence, but I am proud to say that I am now ready to share my perspectives with the world. Or, more accurately, my world. 

Yes, technically this blog has been “public” all along, in that it has been available for viewing on the worldwide web to anybody with an internet connection. But starting now, I will cross into a whole new arena of exposure by actively sharing my posts on my personal social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, directly to my followers on those sites– many of whom I know… IN REAL LIFE. *cue audience gasp*

One of my main motivations for creating my own personal blog was to gain a firsthand look into the blogosphere as a ~*budding*~ communication student. Though I knew that this fantastic little corner of the internet was “changing the world of journalism in unprecedented ways”, I was never before able to interact with it directly. I was attracted to the idea of having an online platform where I could reflect upon the things that matter to me, without need for outside approval, with the built-in possibility for worldwide viewership. (Now tell me that’s not the coolest thing you’ve heard all day.) The topics I write about can range anywhere from raising important questions about feminism and sex positivity to my state of hunger.

Since its conception, this blog has evolved to take on many forms. While for the majority of the time, it has been a platform for me to discuss issues and events that concern my life and my perspective of the world, it has at times served as my diary and at others, my creative writing journal. As a result, I have periodically shared with the world incredibly intimate insights into my personal life, occasionally even disclosing the specific names of people involved in the events which I describe.

Naturally, that stuff had to go. (Haha, sorry)

Indeed, along with the decision to introduce this blog into the newsfeeds of my friends, family and acquaintances, I have likewise made the decision to edit some posts, and entirely delete others. That’s just part of the deal.

Please know, Dear Reader, that this was in an effort to preserve my own integrity, and I hope that you will realize that this is not out of distrust for you, but out of respect for my friends and for myself.

However, to maintain an at least comparable level of writer-reader trust to the pre-Great-Reveal epoch, I will now disclose the changes I have made to old posts. (These edited posts as well as their unrevised counterparts can be viewed by navigating the sidebar entitled “Blog Archive” on the right side of the page.)

In total, I deleted 8 posts, and edited 2. Below are descriptions of revisions made along with my reasoning for making the change.


Deleted Posts

September 2014
1. “Let’s Talk About Fame”: An original rap to the instrumental version of “Fame is for A**holes” by Hoodie Allen. Reason for Deletion: My rap career isn’t ready for this kind of publicity. I need more time for creative incubation. Check back later.
2. “The Truth”: An original poem reflecting on some regrets. :/ Reason for Deletion: My regrets, my business.
October 2014
3. “A Quick Update to Procrastinate”: What starts out as an update on my life at college quickly devolves into a love rant about a known person. Reason for Deletion: I no longer feel that way and I’m not trying to RUIN MY OWN LIFE.
November 2014
4. “A Boy Named —“: A recounting of how I met a boy. Reason for Deletion: Super personal. Overly romantic. Unnecessary.
5. “Trying to be Fearless”: A copy of a letter I wrote to a friend. Reason for Deletion: Too intimate an insight into mine and this person’s relationship.
6. “Questions”: A recounting of an experience I had with a friend. (Lol vagueness.) Reason for Deletion: It’s a need to know basis, and you don’t need.
December 2014
7. “You Are So Damn Cute”: A personal reflection on how freaking cute a nameless third party is. Reason for Deletion: So that nameless third party may remain nameless.
8. “A Poem at 11:29 PM”: An original poem. Reason for Deletion: Too artsy. Too deep. Don’t want to make your brain explode. You’re welcome.


Edited Posts

November 2014
1. “Dance”: I changed the named entity and all the third person pronouns to second person pronouns. Gotta protect my friends.
2. “Updateee”: I changed the same named entity to “the boy”. ~so vague~

As you begin to navigate the Blog Archive and peer into the written past, you will probably notice that I have since the beginning decided to remain rather vague about many of the particular details of my life, including names of friends and family members, and where I go to school. (Although the latter has become increasingly obvious with time and web design aesthetics…) This is, again, out of respect for these people, in hopes that whatever impact my posts have will only affect me as the writer who exposed them in the first place. And the school thing was a personal choice. I go to a university in California. That’s all that’s necessary to know to maintain a following of this blog and an understanding of who I am.

So, Dear Reader, I hope that after reading all this you are amply convinced to bookmark this page and join me on my journey to live life a little more fearlessly. Visit me when you are procrastinating. Venture into my little corner of the blogosphere when you have already checked your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Vine and Pinterest newsfeeds twice or three times each. Let me whisk you away into a land of enlightenment and entertainment, and then, if you feel so inclined, interact with me. Leave a comment. Tell me your thoughts. Tear me apart. Build me up. This is an interactive space: It is as much mine as it is yours.

I am curious to see what lies beyond the horizon of self doubt. Who knows what exciting new opportunities this decision could lead to? And, if absolutely nothing changes whatsoever, then at least I will know that this is exactly how it was always meant to be. 

With much love and great appreciation,
Con mucho amor y un gran agradecimiento,
Avec beaucoup d’amour et une grande reconnaissance,
Com muito amor e uma grande apreciação,



Congratulations! You made it to the end of the post. As a reward, here are some links that may facilitate your start in exploring the past six months of this blog.

“Well Hello There”, (My first ever post) June 2014

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