An early Friday in September, sometime in the morning:

This morning my mom and I went to drop off my dad’s car at the shop to get detailed, so we’re without a second car today. She and I both have places to be until we pick up the second car at 4, so sharing her little Honda Civic is proving to be quite the nuisance. I just dropped her off at her Zumba class on the far eastern tip of town, and am now killing an hour of my time at an Einstien Brothers Bagels for which I had a gift card before I head to the far western side of town– actually, into the next town over.

I’m meeting up with a friend out there one last time before I head out to California next weekend. We’re going to hang out, drink coffee, and listen to music. The good life. I think he likes me, but it’s whatever.

Anyways, I just paid $3 for this bagel. I mean, it’s a good bagel and all, but bagels at my house are free. Not because nobody had to pay for them but because my mom paid for them and I didn’t. Being an adult who goes out and buys stuff certainly has its ups and downs. I bought this bagel all on my own. I drove here on my own, I ordered on my own, I bought it with my own money (sort of,) and I got to pick which seat to sit down in and I’ll be the one to leave here when I want to.

Being an adult is awesome. I wanna be 18 forever.

Written by Catherine Goetze

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