Could be me

As I mentioned in a previous post, all my friends have already left for the wonderful magical fairytale land of University and I am stuck at home in suburbia for another 19 days.

Modern inventions ease the pain of being so far from my friends in many regards. Thanks to the technological witchcraft that is live video chatting, I am able to have a one-on-one conversation with my ex-boyfriend– Dear God that is so strange to say– despite the fact that he is currently 170 miles away, or, more relevantly, $60 away in train tickets. Likewise, it’s comforting to know that no matter how many miles of dry, deserted terrain lie between me and my best friend, we can still exchange the same nonsensical, yet bite-your-lip-off-in-a-serious-situation-because-we’re-that-damn-funny text messages we shared before she left not too long ago.

But there are unexpected negatives that stem from this bridge of telecommunication– Negatives for me, not my friends, I might add. I’m talking about scrolling through the list of Snap Stories and seeing nothing but cutesy dorm Christmas lights, Keystone Light spilling from Red Solo Cups, photos from every seat in never ending lecture halls, POV videos of long boarding through quads, and selfie after selfie with your room mate WHO YOU JUST MET.

Let’s not forget to set the scene for me, by the way, perched all in my lonesome on the couch listening to German Public Radio because teaching myself another flipping language is all I can do to take my mind off the fact that I won’t be attending my first frat party for another MONTH. Jesus, it might as well be a millennium. 

I’m jealous. Very jealous. And the abundance of social media posts are constantly reminding me to be jealous. I can’t get past one “Schönes Wetter heute, nicht wahr?” without an update to your glittery Facebook album entitled: “*~FREEDOM~*”.

College, I long for you. I long for your sexy, academic curves and your luscious libraries. I count the minutes until I can caress your sensual, intellectually stimulating skin and run my fingers through your luscious, learnéd locks that always tend to smell of lavender and new textbooks. But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the west, and College is the sun. And it’s breaking out of this dump because suburbia is boring and dull and I can feel my brain turning to mush. 


Written by Catherine Goetze

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  1. I don’t like my name but thanks hahaha I think yours is truly beautiful, and I find your last name fascinating ( I’m weird I know hahah) :D. Thank you so much for your words, for replying and everything, really <3, you're awesome Cath.
    I know I can achieve everything I want, It'll take time and patience but I know I can hahaha, this is what I was waiting for since I was 4, living in the U.S, studying there and stuff, so now it's time. I hope meeting you one day, it'll be great.


  2. ok so I know this is an old post but I’m kinda new to this hahahah, and I know you’ll not answer this but whatever, I just want to share my actual situation, it’s just like the one you had.
    So, all my friends are in college, except for me, even tough I’m studying french and staying occupied it’s not the same… I’m not exactly sure when I’ll start college, that’s the thing… everyday it’s even harder.. but i manage.
    I live in Venezuela and hopefully I’ll move to California in a few months, then I’ll start all the applications process and stuffs like that, I’m nervous because I’ll have to start from 0 in a hole new country, without not knowing anyone there…
    The point is that I felt related to this post hahah, I always watch your videos and stuff and that’s how I see college live, thanks to you I guess hahaha.


    1. Hi July! What a beautiful name 🙂 Thank you for commenting and sharing your story. I remember this situation very well. It was no fun. I’m sorry to hear you’re having to go through this crappy situation right now. I want to encourage you, however, to keep the dream of going to school here in the U.S. alive. I know it must sound cliche, but you truly can achieve anything you set your mind to! Vouloir c’est pouvoir!! I wish the best for you and all your academic endeavors. -Cath


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